Bevalox-sentence TOP FACTS

Fast Sterilisation

99.9999% sterilising effectiveness in just 15 seconds

In the food industry where hygiene is critical and speed of
sterilisation is vital for efficiency, Bevalox-sentenceis a revolution

Halogen Technology

Based upon a unique stable active halogen technology

Bevalox-sentenceis a chemically manufactured replica of the solution
made by the human immune system to fight infection and destroy
the DNA and RNA of pathogens, preventing them from
‘learning’ the chemistry and becoming immune to it

Safety First

The Safest way to sterilise

Bevalox-sentenceimproves the working environment

  • Skin Neutral pH*
  • Non-irritant*
  • No COSH implications

In comparison, Peracetic acid, used widely in the food processing sector, is a known irritant and requires caution whilst handling.

*At in use concentrations

Extend Shelf Life

Increases food safety-extends the shelf life of fresh produce

Spraying Bevalox-sentencesignificantly reduces surface
micro-organisms, at lower concentrations of equivalent
treatments of hyprochlorite

Independently Tested

Independently tested at the UK’s most respected laboratories

Bevalox-sentenceis effective against all pathogens and kills 99.9999%
of even the most resilient spores in less than 15 seconds*
(*at 2000ppm)

some of our clients

ETS Technology has a close alliance with Suez, our $24bn multinational manufacturing partner. Together, we consult, manufacture, and supply the food and drinks sector with the highest quality product in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.